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The firm’s attorneys provide assistance with certain business transactions and have expertise in drafting commercial agreements.

Every company that sells goods or services, or extends credit via a promissory note, should have a “standard contract” which is used to set the terms and conditions for its regular transactions.  Whatever the industry, a standard contract makes every transaction more efficient. This firm provides regular assistance to several companies in reviewing and updating their standard agreements on a regular basis.

The firm provides select clients with ongoing review of commercial agreements.  Often review of an agreement can be done relatively quickly.  Smart revisions to the terms and conditions will usually lower the overall cost of the transaction.  For example, tweaking a warranty provision may save thousands of dollars.  In that example, the price of the transaction may nominally increase, but the changes to the agreement lower the actual cost of the transaction.

Companies are strongly advised to have all their employment documents reviewed by counsel, including employment contracts and company manuals.  California’s legal climate is challenging for employers, with new rules and regulations being adopted frequently.  As situations arise, companies should consult with counsel before a crisis develops.

Frequently, when a litigation case is filed, the firm wishes that it had been asked to review the contract’s terms and conditions before the client signed a deal with provisions that are simply unfair.  Even if the contract advice is behind the scenes, a company should ask counsel for assistance with preparation, review and negotiation of commercial agreements.

The firm also provides ongoing advice to changes in California law, whether by statute or case decision.  In California’s fast-changing legal environment, established business practices and standard contractual provisions may suddenly become obsolete or even unlawful.  As one client said recently after receiving an update, “Thank you very much Nathan – You are always looking out for us.”

For high-quality legal assistance with transactions, please contact the firm at (818) 660-2518 or at

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The firm provides clients with ongoing review of commercial agreements. 


Smart revisions to the terms and conditions will usually lower the overall cost of the transaction.

Review of an agreement can be often be completed quickly and efficiently.  

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